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Health conditions

Covering your medical conditions

It’s really important that you tell us about any medical conditions you’ve had in the past 2 years in the health check. Covering your conditions will mean we’ll be able to help you if you have an unforeseen medical emergency abroad or need to cancel your holiday because of something related to your conditions.

Covering your conditions may affect the price of your policy, but choosing not to cover them will mean that you’re buying a policy that may not protect you when you need it most. We don’t think that’s right, so please make sure you cover your conditions to give you the best level of protection.

Declaring pre-existing conditions

You’ll need to declare any medical condition that you’ve had in the past 2 years that has meant you’ve had any of the following:

  • Symptoms
  • Consultation with a GP surgery or medical professionals
  • Been prescribed medication

If you are awaiting surgery, a medical procedure or results from an investigation, then we won’t be able to cover you right now. Once you’re signed off from any surgery or procedures, or given a diagnosis from your test results, then you can update your health check.
If your GP would say that you’re not fit to travel, or you’re travelling for medical treatment or consultations, or have been given a terminal prognosis, then we won’t be able to cover your trip.

Updating your health conditions

If any of the following happen, you’ll need to update your cover:

  • You are diagnosed with a new medical condition
  • You experience new or recurring symptoms or have an undiagnosed condition
  • Your doctor or consultant adds to or changes your prescribed medication
  • You receive inpatient medical treatment
  • You are referred for investigation, medical treatment or surgery
  • There is a change in your existing medical condition(s)

You can make these changes on the app. We’ll send you reminders to make sure you keep your health check information as accurate as possible.
If you update your cover to add a new condition, then your daily rate for On-Trip Cover and your Optional Monthly Subscription cost might increase to reflect your personalised cover.

What happens if you can no longer cover me?

If your health changes and we are unable to continue to cover you, and you don’t have the Optional Monthly Subscription in place, then you have two choices:

  • If you are awaiting tests, test results or a diagnosis and will not be travelling before you get them, you should update your medical declaration in the app as soon as you have these, so that you will be covered on your next trip.
  • Find an alternative provider. Our sister company Staysure may be able to help if you’re looking for medical travel insurance and your new condition can’t be covered by Wapp.

If you have an active Monthly Subscription and you can no longer travel as a result of your health change, then you’ll be able to claim under Cancellation Cover for your costs that can’t be recovered elsewhere. If this happens, you’ll also be entitled to cancel your policy, where we can refund your unused Cancellation Cover.

Awaiting diagnosis or test results

We can’t cover you when you’re awaiting diagnosis or test results. If you are awaiting diagnosis, it’s best to wait until you’ve got the results to then have an accurate health check.

Health statement

To be able to get Wapp Travel Insurance, everybody on your policy will have to be able to agree to all of the following:

  • Are medically fit to travel
  • Are not travelling against medical advice
  • Are not travelling to seek medical advice, treatment or check-ups
  • Are not awaiting surgery or medical procedure
  • Are not awaiting any tests or investigations or the results of any tests or investigations
  • Do not currently have any undiagnosed symptoms
  • Have not been given a terminal prognosis

If you buy a policy and one of the above statements doesn’t apply to you, then your policy won’t be valid and can’t protect you.