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Optional Monthly Subscription

Wapp’s Optional Monthly Subscription gives you cover if you have to cancel or cut short your trip. You can set your cancellation limit per person from £0 to £5,000 on a sliding scale. There’s no excess to pay on cancellation claims.

Your Optional Monthly Subscription also lets you add a Travel Disruption Extension for a small extra cost. This covers you for a greater range of unforeseen events, such as changes in FCDO advice, Enforced Stay Cover, natural disasters and more.

You start paying immediately for your Optional Monthly Subscription, and your first bill will be pro-rata for the remaining month. Cover is then billed on the first of the next month until you stop your subscription.

On-Trip Cover

Depending on your health check and the number of people you’ve added to the policy, you’ll be given a quote for the cost per day for the different locations you could travel to.

This quote is a representation of the amount you could pay, so may not be your final cost. This is because you can add activity cover, which will increase your price. You can also remove or add travellers already on your policy, which will affect the total price you’ll pay.

All policies have up to unlimited medical expenses. You can toggle some cover limits from £0 to the maximum to personalise your quote.

Cover Min Max
Baggage & belongings £0 £2,500
Trip Claim Excess (per person, per claim) £0 £250
Gadget Cover (devices per person) Up to 4
Your price per day

You’ll get a tailored daily price by region for your On-Trip Cover when you sign up. You’ll always be able to see this easily when you open the app, on your dashboard.

Sometimes, we’ll need to make changes to our prices. If that happens, we’ll make sure to send you an email 30 days before any change takes place.

Prices may also change based on your age. Age brackets are:

0 years – 17 years

18 years – 60 years
61 years – 75 years
76 years – 85 years

Age related price changes will start the day a traveller moves into a new age bracket, unless you’re on a covered trip.

All other price changes we make will come into effect on the first day of the next month. If you’re already on a trip, the price change won’t come into effect for you until your trip ends.

Price changes during travel dates

If we email you about a change of price and you’re due to travel before the price change takes effect, you will not be affected by the new price. The price you’ll pay per day is the price as of the first day of your trip.