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Sports and Activities Cover

You’re covered for over 100 sports and activities as standard. These include things like swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, golf and jogging. Some activities may have age restrictions for cover to be valid, so be sure to check before you leave.

You can turn on cover for extra activities, not covered as standard, within the app when you’re abroad. Then switch the activity cover off when you’re done, to only pay for extra cover when you need it.

You can see which activities each traveller is eligible to take part in within the app. We can only cover sports that are played on a non-competitive or non-professional basis.

Setting up Activity Cover for additional sports

When you’ve found an activity that you’ll be doing on holiday, you can select that you’ll need cover, and you’ll see the cost per day. You won’t be able to add travellers not going on your next trip to the activity, or those who are ineligible due to age restrictions, but you can add your other travelling companions as necessary.

You can also save an activity as a favourite, so it’s easier to find when you need to add the cover on your trip. When you’ve finished your activity, and no longer need to cover it, you can turn your activity cover off.

High risk activities

For higher risk activities, you’ll have to pay per day to cover taking part in the activity, and you can also choose who is covered.

From shark cage diving, trekking (up to 6,000m altitude) to bungee jumping… if you’re after an adrenaline rush, we’ve got you covered. Please check cover limits for your planned activities before you travel, as age restrictions and height/depth limits may apply.

Skiing and Winter Sports Cover

If you’ve got plans to ski, snowboard or go on a sleigh ride, then you can be covered by Wapp – you might need to add them as extra activities, which will carry an additional daily cost.

Most of our winter sports activities have an upper age limit of 60 years, so please check that you can add the cover you need before you travel. You can find this information in the app.