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Wapp at home

Changes you can make at home in the UK

While you’re at home in the UK, you can check and manage your cover and options for your next trip:

  • Set who will be going on your next trip
  • Select what add-ons and activities you need for your next trip – this will make it easier for you to switch them on when you need them while abroad
  • Change your Optional Monthly Subscription, including Cancellation Cover limits
  • Review security settings
  • Activate location and push notifications
  • See policy documents
  • Get a summary of your billing history

At home, you can make changes to your policy online, or on the app.

Updating cover

It’s really important that you keep your cover up to date with any changes. So, if any of the things below change, you need to let us know:

  • Your mobile with the app installed is lost, stolen, damaged or replaced
  • Your home address or email address changes
  • You no longer live in the UK
  • There are changes to your or any other traveller’s health

Making changes to your health might mean that your price per day updates, but it will also mean that you’re properly covered if something goes wrong while you’re abroad.

Adding friends and family

You can add, amend or remove the people in your travel party before you set off. You can add up to 4 adults (including yourself) and 4 children to your Wapp policy.


To make a claim, you’ll need to send us evidence to support your claim, such as receipts, invoices and reports. If you’re unsure on what to send, contact us as soon as possible and we can tell you what information you’ll need to keep close to hand.
You can submit your claim through our app.

All claims (excluding the below) – 01403 286 532

Additional cover option claims
Gadget cover claims – 01403 286 534