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Your cover abroad

What you can do in the app while on holiday

When you’re abroad, logging into the app will tell you:

  • How long you’ve been away
  • How many travellers you’re covering and who they are
  • The cost per day in your current location
  • A breakdown of your cover

You’ll also be able to switch cover on and off for your activities. You can even stop cover completely if you really need to, but you won’t be able to restart your cover while abroad if you do this.

Taking your phone on your trip

As you might expect, it’s important that you take the phone that has Wapp installed on holiday with you. Having the app installed means your cover can start automatically when you’re abroad. If you travel abroad without the phone that’s got Wapp installed, then we won’t know you’re away, and we won’t cover your trip.

What happens if Wapp doesn’t immediately update to my new location when I arrive?

Sometimes it takes a few hours for the app to update to your new location and confirm that your cover is active. Don’t worry, you’ll still be covered from the moment you arrive. If Wapp doesn’t update to your new location after 24 hours please contact customer services:

Within UK: 0333 006 8020
Outside UK: +44 (0) 333 006 8020

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed
Bank holidays: 9am – 5pm

Email: [email protected]

Starting your On-Trip Cover

Once you arrive in a new country, we’ll use the location settings on your phone to let us know you’re abroad. We’ll then send a push notification to the phone you’ve installed Wapp on to let you know that cover has started. If for any reason you don’t need to be covered on that trip, you can stop cover within 12 hours of the notification and you will not be charged for that day.

Wapp on 1 phone only

As Wapp uses the location from your phone to activate cover, the app can only be installed on 1 phone at a time.

This also means that the main Wapp account holder needs to be on the trip for the cover to be active – or we won’t know you’re away!

Switching my phone off during a trip

Your cover can only start if your Wapp enabled device is turned on when you arrive in a country outside of the UK and you have notification and location services enabled.

If your phone is switched off while you’re away, then you won’t be able to manage your policy — including adding activities – but you will still be covered. We’ll continue to cover your trip with your phone switched off until you land back in the UK and switch your phone on again or until we’ve noticed you’ve been away for the 35 day trip limit. Make sure you switch you phone on as soon as you get back to the UK, so we can stop charging you for your cover.

If you change countries during your trip, then your phone will need to be switched on so we know which country you are in – your cover will not be valid if your phone is off when you visit or travel to another country.

Adding travellers during a trip

All potential travellers must be registered before you leave the UK, but if you have forgotten to add them to your trip, you can switch cover on for them during the first 12 hours after your device starts your cover by geolocating overseas. You can remove or end cover at any point during a trip, but you will not be able to add them back on again.

You can add up to 4 adults (including yourself) and 4 children in total to your policy.

Losing your phone on holiday

If your phone is lost or stolen while on holiday, don’t worry – your cover will continue.

But if you made any changes to your policy since your last internet connection, then these changes may be lost.

If you can, it’s important that you install Wapp onto a different device and sign in. You’re only allowed to sign into 1 device at a time. This new device will then have all of the information we have about your trip. It’s worth checking that everything you inputted into Wapp has synced from your other phone.

If you can’t install Wapp onto a different device, please call our Customer Service team on 0333 006 8020.

As for your phone, you may be covered to claim for the loss or damage as explained in your policy.

Cancelling Wapp while abroad

If you cancel your Wapp cover within 12 hours of landing in your destination, then you won’t be charged any costs for On-Trip Cover, but you also won’t be covered for your trip.

If you cancel after this time, your cover will stop immediately, and you won’t be able to reactivate your cover for the trip you’re on. You’ll be charged for the days that you used, including any part-days.